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Running out of power sockets and desktop space? Tired of messy wires and missing cables? Neo Wireless Charging Station is the perfect solution. Charging up to 5 devices simultaneously with just one power point, Neo saves valuable work space without compromising on safety.


The Neo Wireless Charging station combines 4 USB ports and a wireless charging pad for an array of electronic devices. Neo kits are provided with 4 USB cables and one wireless charging adapter, available for Android or Apple devices to suit your preference. Neo’s handy ‘stand and charge’ design neatly stores devices whilst charging, allowing space for bulky cases and larger devices such as tablets. Combined with short USB cables to prevent tangled cables, anti-skid feet and a silicone top coating, the Neo Wireless Charging Station is the safer charging solution.

Made from fireproof ABS with an intelligent cooling system, there’s no worry about the Neo overheating, even when charging at full capacity. Neo’s silicone top coating is easily cleaned and each USB port is compatible with most USB charging cables for the ultimate flexibility.



The Neo Wireless Charging station is perfect for office environments where desk space and power points are valuable, therefore space-saving ideas are key. Neo can charge up to 5 devices at once using just one fixed power point, creating a smaller charging area, with short USB cables to prevent tangled wires for a safer working environment. Neo’s handy ‘stand and charge’ design encourages a tidy work area, with the wireless charging pad providing the quickest and most convenient way to charge.



Universities are not only required to cater for students working on important projects, but also for students’ social lives and overall wellbeing. Providing access to free charging points in libraries, study rooms and communal areas could be key to maintaining a happy student. The Neo Wireless Charging Station maximises space with the ability to charge up to 5 devices at once using a single fixed power point. With flexible USB ports, students can use their own USB cables to support their devices with wireless charging adapters available to utilise Neo’s wireless charging pad. Neo’s multiple charging function promotes social activity whilst providing students with much needed charging and storage for their devices.

Libraries, Airports and Open Businesses:


In open businesses access to charging points is no longer a luxury but a necessity for those with portable electronic devices. The Neo Wireless Charging Station provides a handy solution for charging multiple devices with just one fixed power point. Reduce anxiety by providing a free charging solution to students working in libraries, travellers waiting for flights, or those simply looking to recharge. Increase traffic and spend in certain areas by offering free charging points to customers, giving them more time to browse your business.

See why Neo Wireless Charging Station could be the optimum selling point for your business!

  • Charging station - charge up to 5 devices at once (4 x USB ports and one wireless charging pad)
  • Wireless charging – wireless pad for Qi enabled devices and wireless adapters provided
  • Optimise space – stand and store charging devices using just one fixed power point
  • Clean design – easy to clean with no messy wires
  • Safe and secure - anti-skid feet and silicone gel top coating to secure devices in place
  • Drive traffic – offer customers free charging points for their devices
  • Increase spend – allow customers to enjoy their experience as their devices charge
  • Improve customer experience – offer free charging as unique selling point for your business
  • Social atmosphere – group charging for a more sociable environment
  • Increase staff morale – offer your staff members convenient charging whilst they work
  • Simple installation – no costly, technical installations to integrate wireless charging

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