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Snapchat’s “Visual Search” will let you buy products on Amazon

Snapchat’s “Visual Search” will let you buy products on Amazon

How often have you seen something that you really, really want but just can’t be bothered to search online for? Well, Snapchat wants to help free up some of your time and stop you needlessly searching the web to find your dream items.

Snapchat are currently testing a new “Visual Search” feature that will allow you to search for products on Amazon using the Snapchat camera. The feature seems pretty easy to use in principle.


You just point the camera at a product or barcode you’re interested in, hold down your finger on the camera screen and let Snapchat do the work. If a product is recognised, an Amazon pop-up will appear to take you directly to the Amazon app or the Amazon website (depending on which country you’re in). From there, you can decide whether you want to go through with the purchase via Amazon.

The feature is much like eBay’s newest shopping feature, hoping to bring back Snapchat’s declining user volumes – missing out to more popular apps like Instagram, whose similar “Stories” feature is a big hit with users.

Snapchat’s “Visual Search” feature is still in test phase but will be rolled out to all users shortly. Just make sure you have your Amazon account at the ready!

Source: Snap.com