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Calling all tea lovers – the Duo Carafe may change your life!

Calling all tea lovers – the Duo Carafe may change your life!

OK so we may be being a little dramatic, but still, this invention may change your life – by giving you hot water in an instant!

Imagine: you fancy a cup of tea. You fill and turn on your kettle. You wait patiently for the water to start bubbling and boiling, but your thirst for a piping hot beverage becomes overwhelming and every second feels like an eternity. Well, now you won’t have to wait!


Heatworks are launching a boil-as-you-pour carafe for instant hot water whenever you desire! The Duo Carafe is a nifty appliance that not only looks stylish but is also great for the environment. Perfectly designed to blend in with your other appliances, the Duo Carafe not only delivers hot water but can also replace your cold, filtered water jug. Whether you want hot or cold water, the Duo Carafe can deliver in an instant!

Since it’s battery operated, the Duo Carafe isn’t fixed to a power point (good-bye kettle!) and is 99% energy efficient – meaning you don’t have to feel guilty about your caffeine addiction! The Duo Carafe also doesn’t require a heating element like most traditional kettles, meaning there’s no extra element to heat, which also means no rust or scale – your drinks will never taste the same again!


Powered by Heatworks’ Ohmic Array Technology (patented by the way) the Duo Carafe heats the molecules in the water instead of using a heating element – making it much safer and quicker to heat water to within 1 degree of the desired temperature.

Want one? Heatworks are not currently taking pre-orders (and no clue to the price yet!), but those interested can sign up for updates on their website. We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

Source: Heatworks


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